Parental & Volunteer Responsibilities

Parental Responsibilities

  1. Participants must be covered by a parent or guardian health insurance plan.
  2. Provide transportation to and from practices and tournaments.  When participant is unable to attend, will notify the coach.
  3. Parents are responsible for acquiring USA membership card for their wrestler to participate in USA Wrestling sanctioned events.  For information on USA Wrestling access the web site link below.
  4. Parents are responsible for registration of the individual wrestlers into events.  Parental discretion as to which tournaments your student athlete participates in, and guidance and assistance will be provided to you to register for events.
  5. Be a supportive spectator toward the opponent, coaches, referees and other spectators. Representing Christ, our organization, and Marquette University High School.
  6. Encourage sportsmanship and Christian conduct on the part of your child and fellow spectators.
  7. Be able to accept your wrestler's mistakes with patience and understanding, guiding their experience and recognizing their moments of brilliance.
  8. Respect the coaches' decisions. If you have a concern, speak with the coach, before or after practices.
  9. Stress academic success and Christian behaviour as well as success in athletics.
  10. During periods of inclement weather, if MUHS school is cancelled our program event for that evening will also be cancelled.  Please also plan in questionable weather to have a parent or guardian will remain at practice or have a means to be reached immediately in case the practice or game is shortened or cancelled.


Volunteer Responsibilities

The Jr. Hilltoppers operates entirely through the work of volunteers. The board, officers, coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers are all volunteers. It takes many people and many volunteer hours to build a successful program. We need your help.  Consider your time and talent and get involved.  Talk to one of our coordinators at practice or contact us at our email account This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .