About Us


The Jr. Hilltoppers were founded in 2009. 

The mission of the Jr. Hilltoppers is to develop our young men's physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual gifts from God through sportsmanship, team competition, and fun. Christian values are emphasized in every aspect of our program. Respect, empathy, and excellence are an integral part of practices and games. 

Junior Hilltoppers Sports Clubs, Inc. is an independent non-profit Wisconsin registered corporation. We are an organization run by a Board of volunteers. We are a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. As such, all donations in which you do not receive a corresponding product or service from the organization are tax deductible. Junior Hilltoppers Sports Clubs, Inc. is a separate and distinct legal entity from Marquette University High School. 

The use of the "Jr. Hilltoppers" name and related intellectual property are licensed to the organization under a licensing agreement between itself and Marquette University High School. We convene the Board as needed in addition to an annually scheduled Board Meeting to discuss the prior season and how to improve our organization, our budget, and to elect board members and officers for the following season. Benefactors, parents, coaches, and all volunteers are encouraged to attend the Annual Board Meeting. 

Football Program

The Jr. Hilltoppers' Football Program was conceived in the shadow of Marquette University High School's Football Program. Marquette University High School has won more football games than any other Division 1 football program in Wisconsin history. Winning for the Jr. Hilltoppers encompasses more than merely scoring more points than our opponents. It involves having a well-rounded education and exposure to the many facets of behaving like a winner both on and off the field. Modeled in the Jesuit tradition, our program incorporates many Ignation principles such as: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (A.M.D.G.) or "to the greater glory of God," Cura Personalis or the "care of the whole person," Magis or "more" and finally "Men for Others."  

The Jr. Hilltoppers' Football Program further fulfills its mission by providing a respectful, challenging, and caring environment for a diverse community of athletes. Educating the whole person-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, moral, and physical-by deepening the participants' awareness of the dignity and needs of all people, forming young men for others who will act like Christ, who came "not to be served but to serve." (Mark 10:45)

The Jr. Hilltoppers play in the Classic Youth Football League. For additional information on the league please visit their web site at www.waukeshayouthfootball.com. The League's membership list and league rules can be found under the league info tab of our web site.

Goals of the Jr. Hilltoppers

  1. Provide a safe, Christian-centered environment where athletic skills can be learned and developed.
  2. Model and expect Christian sportsmanship both on and off the field.
  3. Stress the importance of team and teamwork.
  4. Prepare the upper grades for competition at the high school level.
  5. Reinforce the priorities of God, family, school, and sports.
  6. Help foster a social network and friendships among the participants and their parents.
  7. Have FUN.

Mission Statement

Junior Hilltoppers Sports Clubs, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization which strives to develop the individual God given physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual talents of male grade school participants in its sports programs, and through sportsmanship, team competition, and fun encourages responsibility, compassion, and excellence in all aspects of performance, consistent with the faith-based ideals of good citizenship reflective of Marquette University High School.