Program History & Philosophy


The Jr. Hilltoppers Wrestling Program was conceived in the shadow of Marquette University High School's Wrestling Program.  The Jr. Hilltoppers encompasses more than merely scoring more points than our opponents. It involves having a well-rounded education and exposure to the many facets of behaving like a winner both when competing or not. Modeled in the Jesuit tradition, our program incorporates many Ignatian principles such as: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (for the greater glory of God), Cura Personalis (care of the whole person), Magis (more), and "Men for Others."

The Jr. Hilltoppers Wrestling Program further fulfils its mission by providing a respectful, challenging, and caring environment for a diverse community of athletes. Educating the whole person-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, moral, and physical-by deepening the participants' awareness of the dignity and needs of all people, forming young people for others who will act like Christ, who came "not to be served but to serve" (Mark 10:45).


Jr. Hilltoppers educates the whole person. As part of that, athletics teach fair play, balance, life lessons and build character. Student-athletes grow and mature as individuals while being responsible to the team. They develop self-esteem, healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle, while learning to manage their emotions. Practice and competition provide the opportunity for growth in all areas of life.

The goal of the Jr. Hilltoppers Wrestling Club is to begin the development of all young wrestlers.  Focus is placed on learning proper position, technique and skill.  We are also interested in getting young wrestlers excited about keeping wrestling in their future, so we keep a focus on the positive imprint wrestling has on life and we always try to make it fun.  Games played incorporate wrestling skill embedded in the game. There will be opportunity for competition, both in practice and on the weekends. The Jr. Hilltoppers Wrestling Club will first and foremost be about Folk Style wrestling instruction.

Jr. Hilltoppers coaching staff is selected by MUHS head coach Tom Dineen and follow in the methodology embraced and executed at Marquette High.

Jr. Hilltoppers athletics stress excellence, sportsmanship and a high code of moral conduct. Athletic success is most often measured by wins and losses, but the success we take the most pride in at Marquette High is the valuable life lessons that student-athletes learn.

The program will incorporate the very best of Jr. Hilltoppers Program’s philosophies, policies, and procedures and make them age-appropriate for the various grade levels.