Football Program: General Information


  1. Open to any 5th-8th grade male (as of that football season's Fall), interested in playing contact football. 
  2. Will be limited to the first 32 registrants. If there are significantly more than 32 registrants for a particular grade, the possibility of creating two equally talented teams for a particular grade will be at the sole discretion of the President and Marquette University High School's Head Football Coach.
  3. New membership will not be allowed after the 2nd week of practice.
  4. Elimination from the program will occur if ½ of the first month’s practices are missed.


  1. Practice will begin within the first week of August. Please know, this start date is determined by the league and is subject to change.
  2. The first week of practice will consist of four (4) days of two and a half hour practices between Monday through Friday commencing between 5:30 and 6:00 and ending between 7:30 and 8:00 at the collective discretion of the head coaches. (Allowing 10 hours without pads, as mandated by league requirements).
  3. Practices days and times are determined by the coaching staff with the only limitation being that once school starts practices are limited to 6 hours per week (three (3) days per week).
  4. Practices will occur at Greenfield Park and Brown Deer Park. Practices will be split 50/50 between the two sites in order to minimize travel inconvenience.
  5. A full practice schedule will be released closer to the beginning of the season.
  6. Equipment Handout will be held at the Jr. Hilltopper Warehouse before the first practice.


  1. Held on Saturdays, times will vary.
  2. Will begin in the middle of August
  3. Jr. Hilltoppers’ home games will be played at Dretzka Park.
  4. Away game field locations can be found in our location section.
  5. Game and scrimmage schedules will be posted on our website when they become available.

Head Coaches

  1. Will organize and design all of the practices
  2. Will assist Marquette University High School's Head Football Coach in eliciting volunteers to be assistant coaches
  3. Responsible for disseminating appropriate aspects of Marquette University High School’s football system to participants
  4. Responsible for overall monitoring of practices and games

Parental Responsibilities

  1. Participants must be covered by a parent or guardian health insurance plan.
  2. Provide transportation to and from practices and games and when participant is unable will attend to notify the coach.
  3. Be a supportive spectator toward the opponent, coaches, referees and other spectators. Representing Christ, our organization, and Marquette University High School.
  4. Encourage sportsmanship and Christian conduct on the part of your child and fellow spectators.
  5. Be able to accept your son’s mistakes with patience and understanding.
  6. Respect the coaches’ decisions. If you have a concern, speak with the coach, apart from the game environment, at least a day later. If you are still unsatisfied with response please present concern to the President or a VP.
  7. Stress academic success and Christian behavior as well as success in athletics.
  8. During periods of inclement weather, parent or guardian will remain at practice or have a means to be reached immediately in case the practice or game is canceled.
  9. Each participant will be required to participate in the organization’s annual fundraiser. Each participant is expected to sell at a minimum level which contributes to the organizations yearly goals.  Parents have the option of a cash buyout to fulfill this obligation.

Volunteer Responsibilities

The Jr. Hilltoppers operates entirely through the work of volunteers. The board, officers, coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers are all volunteers. It takes many people and many volunteer hours to build a successful program. We need your help. Please consider volunteering your time in one or more of the following areas. The opportunities may be expanded further as we develop the program. There will be the opportunity to sign up at the Equipment Hand Out. All participant’s parents are expected to volunteer for something.

Below are volunteer opportunities available for the Jr. Hilltoppers:

Team Manager: (one per team) Coordinates all volunteer activities for game days and other activities. Liaison between parents and coaches.

Team Physician(s): League rules require a licensed athletic trainer be present for all home games to attend to any medical needs.

Equipment: Assist in the fitting, handing out, and return of equipment.

Field Operations: Set up field(s) for game day. Take down field(s) after last game of day.

Scoreboard: Operate scoreboard for home games.

Chains: For each home game, a team of three is required to be in charge of the chains.

Fund Raising: Assist Fund Raiser and Spirit Wear Administrator as needed.

Concessions: Work concession stand prior to or after your son’s game.

Photographer: Take pictures and/or video for end-of-season banquet.

Banquet: Assist the Team Managers in planning and working the preseason breakfast and or postseason dinner

Coaching: Must request an interview with Coaches Selection Committee in order to be considered. Marquette University High School Head Football Coach Jeffrey Mazurczak chairs this committee.


  1. Fees will be set annually for each season at a reasonable rate. Fees will consist of a Registration Fee to be paid at time of registration, and a Buyout Fundraiser Fee (if you elect not to participate in our annual fundraiser) to be paid the second week of August. If you are unable to pay the entire Registration Fee, partial payments can be made with agreement of the President.
  2. Your registration will not be deemed complete until your Registration Fee has been paid in full.
  3. The Registration Fee of $330.00 includes the use of shoulder pads, practice jersey, game jersey (2), helmet, practice pants, game pants, leg pads, practice fields, practice equipment, and game fields. In addition, the Registration Fee also includes your contribution to the coaches' gifts, includes the cost of food at the banquet at the end of the year, and covers the cost of referees and other organizational operating costs.
  4. A treasurer’s report will be presented at the beginning and end of every season.
  5. Any returned checks will have an additional cost of $100.